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Dynamic Promotion returns in the form of DYNAMIC 1, a new and even more dynamic venue to display the grand tradition of professional wrestling. To raise up this army, the STRONGEST D tournament will showcase and celebrate the men who diligently summon the fighting spirit from its utmost depths. The winner will receive a trophy* memorializing the monumental figures who made Dynamic Promotion history and the catastrophic medical events they suffered.

*If tournament runs to completion.


1. ストロンゲストD 1回戦
Manabu Soya (14:32 Wild Bomber) Cyber Kong

--The two wild beasts opened the show with a crazy slugfest. Kong got a scary near-fall with a Fire Thunder but was Wild Bombered after a comeback flurry, allowing management to breath an early sigh of relief.

2. ストロンゲストD 1回戦
Demon Ueda (16:50 Tower Hacker Bomb) Yoshihito Sasaki

--Both men were cautious. Ueda will need to get fired up for the second round.

3. ストロンゲストD1回戦
Shigehiro Irie (11:27 Henkei Fire Thunder) Ryotsu Shimizu

--Shimizu showed firey determination but just couldn't withstand the repeated impacts of his significantly fatter contemporary.

4. ストロンゲストD 1回戦
Yuji Okabayashi (12:35 High Angle Powerbomb) Tomoaki Honma

--Honma was going to give the fans what they paid for, one way or another. It just happened to be Okabayashi who took the bomb off the apron.

5. ストロンゲストD 1回戦
Antonio Cesaro (17:13 Neutralizer) Masato Tanaka

--Tanaka unloaded a flurry of strikes, eventually busting open the Swiss strong man with a series of backfists. Tanaka got a scary 2.9 count with an avalanche powerbomb. The blood slowed Cesaro's pace but couldn't stop his methodical power assault.

6. ストロンゲストD 1回戦
YAMATO (10:03 Frankensteiner) Takashi Sugiura

--An opening dash of ground and submission exchanges came to an abrupt (but fair!) ending with the Frankensteiner, leaving YAMATO fresh for the second round.

7. ストロンゲストD 1回戦
Zeus (15:51 Super Fly) Tomohiro Ishii

--In a bizarre spectacle of the highest Dynamic tradition, Ishii delivered a murder backdrop in the corner. Zeus was thrown with such force that he completed the rotation and -- as if carried by momentum -- traveled right up the turnbuckles and plummeted back down with a bodypress onto Ishii, still lying prone from his own hold.

8. ストロンゲストD 1回戦
Daisuke Sekimoto (14:09 Deadlift German Suplex) Yuji Hino

--After witnessing the defeat of Ishii, Sekimoto was determined to prevent another upset. Hino pushed dangerously close, delivering a surprise main event quality performance. Both men traded deadlift style German suplexes at will. Hino used a Fuckin BOMB onto a chair but was too deep in the ropes. Sekimoto recovered only to be hit with another Fuckin BOMB at mid-ring, 2.9 count. Hino clutched for a German but Sekimoto back-switched into one of his own for the victory.

Management announced that due to the success of the first round matches, the tournament would continue as scheduled!

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